Our mindfulness practice begins with a very common activity: eating. To fully participate, here you’ll need: a table, a chair, and two or three raisins.

In our mindful eating practice; you’re being asked to look at a familiar thing or object in a new way. I’ll guide you through this first mindfulness practice, which will involve you becoming more familiar with a very familiar object, a raisin.

Mindful Eating Practice
Questions for Reflection and Journaling

Take a moment to reflect on the following journaling prompts. When you’re ready, turn to your preferred journaling method—whether that is pen and paper, a word doc, or an online tool—to record your responses to the following questions. You can write or draw, whatever is most appropriate for you.

  • What was your experience of eating with so much focused attention on a single object?
  • What was your expectation of eating the raisin and the actual experience of eating the raisin?
  • What, if anything, surprised you about this practice?
  • Were there elements of this practice that you found challenging, difficult, or easy?