At the end of each lesson, we will review the themes presented and the home practice for the following six days of the week. As already mentioned, I recommend that you complete the online lesson within one day, and then use the remaining six days of the week for home practice. This is only a recommendation. In the end, you’re responsible for organizing your practice time in a way that suits your life. Please create a schedule and a system that is sustainable for you. I invite you to think of arranging your time as a part of the practice with you intentionally deciding how best to integrate this course into your life for the next eight weeks.

This week we reviewed postures, so you can find a position that is most suited for your body. We did a mindful-eating Raisin Meditation practice as a way to prepare us to look at autopilot and its impact on our lives. Then we closed with an Awareness of the Breath practice. Now let’s go over the weekly homework assignments.

Lesson One Review
Home Practice Assignments for Lesson One

Formal practice: Following the downloadable audio or video online, follow the Awareness of the Breath Sitting Meditation, twice daily for 6 of 7 days

Informal practice: Mindful awareness of ordinary things (eating, brushing teeth, taking a shower, washing dishes, cutting veggies, etc.): carry out one routine thing paying special attention to the details of doing it.

As a reminder, don’t forget to find time in the day dedicated to practicing. Make changes to your schedule to support practice: maybe going to bed earlier, so you can get up earlier, perhaps negotiating with your family for time alone.

As you progress through the week notice how it is for you to integrate moments of mindfulness into your daily activities? What are some of those activities? How would you describe your attention (focused, unfocused, fuzzy, foggy, clear, etc.)? Does your deliberate attention to these moments alter your experience in any way? If so, how?

Congratulations on completing Lesson One.