The Gathering

Weekly Live Group Meditation and Dialog


Going It Alone Can Be Challenging

Are you committed to developing your mindfulness practice, but find it difficult to stay engaged in it all by yourself?

The Gathering is designed as a safe community space of support, encouragement, and joint practice to stay connected and committed to yourself, your life and your mindfulness practice.

At The Gathering, you’ll:
  • PRACTICE trusting your inner wisdom and using your internal guidance system
  • BEGIN to recognize ineffective coping mechanisms in a safe environment
  • FIND support as you develop your own unique preventive and self-care practices
  • CULTIVATE a sense of greater ease, calm, composure, and connection to your inherent wholeness

The notion that we are products of our environment is our greatest sin; we are products of our choices.

—Margaret Mead

How It Works

We’ll begin just sitting. During this meditation, you very specifically take note of physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and breath from moment to moment, all without judgement, or accepting the judgement you notice yourself making. It is through this “noticing” that you are able to link mind, body, thoughts and emotions, and get to “know” how they interaction. This is how you intimately connect with yourself and eventually the world around you.

Inquiry supports your getting valuable insight into your own unique patterns. Those patterns include those that supports you as well as those that cause stress. As you see both the wanted and unwanted, you can more easily keep what you want and make adjustments in behaviors that no longer supports you. And once you develop this skill, you can go back to it throughout your life as you grow, change and evolve.

Price: €29.95/month

Be Intentional About Your Self-Care

This is for beginners, students of mindfulness programs, practitioners familiar with the foundational principles of mindfulness. For students of the Wellness Through Mindfulness Program, participation in The Gathering is offered as a complimentary bonus for 8 weeks, otherwise the fee is €21 per month.

Join us every Wednesday, starting August 18, 2021:

7:00pm CET
6:00pm GMT
5:00pm BST
2:00pm EST
1:00pm CST
11:00am PST
8:00am HST

Your Teacher

Pamela J. Alexander meets people, like you, where they are right now and guides them through the process of relearning to step into their innate ability to be in a state of relaxed alertness. Being in this state:

    • Rekindles and sustains your ability solve problems creatively and thrive.
    • Helps you bounce back (to this state) quickly when the inevitable setback happens
    • Encourages you to embrace the wonder of your lives and flourish.

Pamela creates a safe space that supports your remembering how to use your innate abilities and reconnect with your internal guidance system through mindful meditation practices. Meditative practices prepare you, so you are ready to engage with your live when you are off the mat. Meditation is not a means to escape the world, rather a means to live more fully in it.

Forever the student of nature, life and the human experience, Pamela understands that everyone hold innate gifts, power, and strength. She is committed to helping people reclaim your special magic and to bring it forward into every area of your life, for the greater good of us all.

You can find out more about Pamela on her About page.